No, you cannot touch my hair

You cannot take unsolicited photos of me

Yes, I appreciate you singing to me in public, but no, I will not give you my number

No, you cannot ask me if my ass is real

You cannot touch my hand

You cannot hug me

No, you cannot dance with me

No, you cannot sit with me

Yes, I have a resting bitch face

You are not entitled to my smiles

You are not entitled to my kindness

Stop hooting at me

Stop blowing kisses at me. Winking at me.

I am disgusted

Yes, you too are a black womxn, but you cannot touch my ass, or slap it without my consent.

Yes, I love you but I can still say no

Yes, I took of my clothes, but I am saying no now.

I said no. Or maybe I mumbled it. Shrugged you off. Indicated my disgust. Went still as my vagina tightened to reject your penetration.

So stop. Stop.


I did not consent.

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