Undoing and Becoming

It took a long time to get to this point.

A long time before I could look in the mirror

See my body and smile

A long time before I would not run quickly to cover my body

For the fear that if I lingered too long

I would see the things I did not like about myself

Self-love is a long process of undoing

Undoing the myths of black unloveability

Undoing fatphobia

Undoing the trauma of racism, colonialism and genocide

-undoing the myths that made me hate to be called Baartman.

The misogynoir that made black womxn the most imitated and yet reviled,

Self-love is also becoming

Being truthful

Loving and living in your magic

Recognising your flaws

-not believing that you are unworthy because of your flaws.

Self-love as undoing and becoming

is coming home to yourself.




Images by Mamello Mosiana


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