for her. for us.

I wrote a verse

for her

for I and I

for the black womxn

who have carried entire revolutions on their backs

only to have those revolutions broken

by broken men:

black womxn

spend entire lifetimes

piecing back together

broken black men

black men

whose recourse to white supremacy

is to cower away.

lament their emasculation

by beating out their frustrations

on the bodies of black womxn

pissing on our memories

destroying us

in futile attempts to heal themselves

black womxn have for too long

broken their own backs

carrying broken men

on their shoulders.


carrying revolutions

only to be remembered as

ornamental appendages

to broken boys.

We deserve more than that.

Winnie deserves more than that.


Rest in Peace. Rest in Power. Winnie Madikizela Mandela




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