wishing for stories of black fairies

i’m so tired of entertainment centering black death

i am tired of the movies of black folk killing each other

normalised white violence

continued coloniality


i am tired of the angry black womxn trope that as metamorphisized into the woke queen cliche

– still angry (justifiably so),

yet still caricature

now attuned to profit from our awakening minds.

the woke queen is still mammy too

she is saving whites

saving violent black men

teaching love, to people resolved to destroy her


i am tired of the contorted expressions on our dying black bodies


1325755533797359760_413043932i want stories of black folk

sitting on porches

talking all sorts of foolishness,

perhaps sharing a meal,

licking soft serves ,



yet irretrievably



i want to see black people throw

their heads back in laughter and

grow faint with intoxication from black joy


i want black fairies,




through fields of flowers

 their thick bodies swaying like

wind-struck flowers

i want to see black femmes, love and be loved

and luxuriate in their iridescent beauty


i want ethereal,


and magic filled depictions.


we are more than decay

i am tired of seeing dead black bodies.

can we punctuate our social death

with moments of black effervescence?



*The photography featured in the body of this blog is by Adrian McDonald.

*Featured Image by Asiko

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