the heart’s letter

from my heart I wrote you this letter
from this letter I wrote you my heart

say you love me, love
you and I are all tumescence
scented roses
echoing chambers
the heartbeat of the violin in a mournful melody

say you love me, love
you and I are soaring birds
breathing and floating through air
as light as if we were the air itself
tell me love, that you feel as light as I do in this music

say you love me, love
hear the music in my voice
in the quickening of my heart
the shortness of my breath
as reality blurs and I am nothing
but foggy air in your presence
see me revel in this lightness
I am soaring love
surely this is what it feels like to be free
this intensity
over and over again
this melting of my core, this vapour
evanescence really

surely we are in love
why do we sound like love,
and smell of heady passion?
it is almost as intoxicating as it is panacea

say you love me love
as you can hear in my words
I am
lost in your essence.


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