-the elusive healing power of vitamin d

I was waiting for the sun
they said it would heal
they wrote it on prescription pads
over and over again

so i dreamt of the sun,
i, a cynic
prayed for the light
i wrote many poems
hoping to coax her
out of her hiding

when like a queen striding out to
meet her servants
the sun arrived and beckoned us forth
my clouds lifted

but soon her splendour began to alienate
i found her beaming light
oppressive on my heavy eyes
so i fashioned new clouds
i drew curtains to blur her iridescence

she was as stifling as
the ubiquitous chokehold of an unchosen ruler.
her resplendence
a painful juxtaposition with
my poverty

who would have known
that all the time i was coaxing the sun,
that it was me that
needed enticing?

that my soul begged for the abolishing of tyrannical seasonal pacifiers.

this time i will address the poems to I






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