we never lived

they only cry for us when we die too close to their living

when our bodies are mutilated too close to their breathing

they forget that everyday we die a thousand deaths

they only cry for us when our bloody wounds congeal on their fresh clothes

only then they see us

they forget how they tear at us everyday


they came to cry for us today-

because our black skin went

blue, green and red where they could see it

all of a sudden, they found their tears


we are the ones who are born dead  

we queue for services that never arrive

we are underpaid and overworked

overlooked and silenced

our bodies carry revolutions and are buried underneath them

these bodies carry children who will never know our love

and those we love, will kill us again

blue, green, red


everyday a thousand deaths


it is these deaths that make us disposable

and we are.

disposed and discarded

she was not the first, she is not the last


because you only woke cos her blood stained you

you did not wake when you made her queue

you did not wake when you sacrificed her body for your worthless pay

you did not cry when her children were left cold and she came to comfort yours

when she fought and carried your revolutions, you smeared and then erased her


see –

she always dead

and you will not bring her back

by vigorously washing your blood-soaked hands


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