we could be in revolt

On the “you can’t blame the government” sentiment…


we will blame the government which had to have a pandemic to start delivering basic services. Services which it failed to deliver now because 26 years of neglect on top of colonialism cannot be corrected overnight.

We will blame them for adopting a militaristic warmongering attitude to the pandemic that has resulted in countless deaths & continued to victimize the people who already suffer the most as a result of their bad governance.

We will blame them for the years of unchecked looting which meant that even in a crisis their rapaciousness continued.

We will blame them for continuing to evict poor people, for neglecting homeless people, for enacting xenophobic approaches to social relief.

We will blame them for adopting nonsensical regulations, placing their egos above reason, for undermining the constitution during a time when checks on balance of power became critical and basic human rights came under threat.

We will blame them for adopting austerity at a time when all evidence suggests that social spending is important to combat poverty, the climate crisis and other human security issues.

We will blame them for years of creating an enabling environment for misogynoir and rapists within their own government & the callousness of their approach to gender-based violence which has been exacerbated by this crisis.

I refuse to coddle a government which has shown itself to be uncaring & admonishes us as if we were disobedient children for asking questions. There is a manifest error in the demands that we no longer blame government- it implies that we should serve government.

This is the product of conditioning by a self-serving government which has made us forget that public office is about public service.

They serve us.

They have failed.

We have a right to demand accountability.

Demanding accountability is bare minimum when we could be in revolt.


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