winter in hout bay

Photo by Subarna Upreti on

this solitary mood has made a home of me

i had not imagined the sudden maddening quiet, the hollowness of solitude

unbearable, it consumes everything,

engorges like a thirsty fire.

it is remarkable how alike fire and ice are.

frozen fury.

fire and ice. numb and sudden brutal bursts of fury,

scorching like wind-laden rain.

and then i am nothing again,

i am a quiet, miserable fog,



wading my way through this

in an enduring, yet inevitable heartbreak.

i chose the solitude.

and i fear it-

the fog,

the loneliness,

its harsh wind,

the deep, withering melancholy-

when did my bright dancing autumn leaves, become this heavy with rain?

– winter in hout bay


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