no one would hear me scream

i read somewhere of the Swiss women organising a national scream

to protest the gender pay-gap

it sounded a bit odd to me

but okay

that’s their thing

but then i heard that they had burned another woman

lynched her

i heard of another who was sawed in half

and another thrown in a rubbish bin

i read about the men who had raped their 7 year old niece

and another body found mutilated

and another

and another…


i too felt like screaming

i wanted us to stand outside together

and scream

till we were raw

but I am scared that if i started screaming i would not stop

that there would be no one to reign in this unburdening

and i would lose my mind

I am scared that even with my mouth gaping open

unleashing this pain

no one would hear me scream


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